@jeremycherfas you know bakers and their exacting measurements by weight... ;) Of course the exacting number 57 is also probably indicative of doing some proper scientific conversions which also recommends the text. I've run into several cookbooks that are abominable with their conversions for the United States and everywhere else--often those recipes don't work well for the Americans who are dumb enough to measure by volume instead of weight. (Me goes back to rolling out pie dough...)

@pauljacobson It would be interesting to see a modernizing update to some of the link manager functionality that's hiding in core. It would be cool to see blogrolls be updated to full pages along with better microformats v2 updates and the bump to OPML v2. I played around with some of it ages ago, but maybe it's time to circle back? boffosocko.com/2017/11/1...

@c I suppose the other upside is that I'll also get the appropriate syndication links back on my posts, which is something I've been letting slide in these cases.

@c So apparently the use of JSON feed into micro.blog doesn't work either (it still adds the additional text). I suppose I'll just remove it in hopes for better behaviour on syndicated copies.

@odd That's a quote from the article, not me... I didn't say I was concerned. But it's interesting that there's coverage of it as an issue.

@Ron I've actually seen some iterations of them before in other contexts, and they're great for beginners. They go beyond some of the basic website things and into other things one can accomplish with a domain name. Some of them are WordPress specific, but others aren't.

As for Manton's book, I'll say that he has been busy with a few other things, but I've also seen several portions of his book in private settings. I'm impressed with how much detail and care he goes into the history and even technical portions that I really didn't expect from his original descriptions.

In addition to the linked resource and the IndieWeb wiki, you might find some value in Reclaim Hosting's Newbie Corner: community.reclaimhosting.com/c/newbies... and the rest of their community forums which cover a broad variety of CMSes and other self-hostable web apps. Good luck!

@jeremycherfas I really liked some of the book portions and have been wanting to tinker around with the platform they spoke about. It also looked like a lot of programming involved, but I suppose it shouldn't be too much worse than LaTeX, which I've managed to muddle through in the past.

@nekr0z I'm curious if you may have blocked incoming webmentions from micro.blog in webmention.io? (I've accidentally done it once or twice for other domains.) Look at: webmention.io/settings/... to see if that's the root of your issue. I have my own stand-alone WordPress site and frequently get webmentions from micro.blog. Here's an example: https://boffosocko.com/2020/04/25/55770533/#comment-285985.

I also frequently reply to others on micro.blog without issues, though depending on how they set their preferences, micro.blog sites have the choice of either showing or not showing Webmentions. (And this is a relatively new feature that's supported in the past few months.)

If you're having issues on the back-and-forth, you should definitely ping @manton, who I've always found to be incredibly helpful.

I rarely visit micro.blog on the web since I read all of the sites I'm following on it either individually in my feed reader or in aggregate using the feed: micro.blog/feeds/c.j... (You can get yours by replacing the "c" with your username. I'll also mention that Inoreader pushed some changes for titleless posts in December that makes the presentation of feeds from micro.blog much better than most other feed readers.) Since all the comments on my posts come back to me as webmentions, I never really need to visit its site other than occasional visits to the "discover" tabs to see things that don't make my personal feed.

@stefp I haven't seen any public/online versions that allow anyone to save edits to your server (node might give you an option to if you wanted, but I haven't delved into it yet). All the public versions require some sort of account/authentication set up to actually save the TW. On the other hand, it's generally very easy for people to download your entire Wiki and save a copy, or to drag/drop Tiddlers from yours to theirs. In most cases, if they do make changes and attempt to save it, the browser will simply force a download of the entire wiki to their local computer without any changes to your hosted version.