@w4rner Yes, you'd be adapting my WP recipe for use with your paid m.b. account. I suspect the generic URL would be remedied by the unique token. You might be able to generate an app token in your account settings that should work. If it doesn't then ping Manton when you get a chance to see if he can make a recommendation.

The goal is to own and display your data from a website that you control, so just piping in your RSS feed into the micro.blog timeline isn't the answer, since there's no way to get it back out. Because you can't control the code running on Micro.blog, you may have some kinks to work out to get things to display exactly the way you want them to, but I suspect Manton could help you there, espcially if it's the sort of feature that others are bound to want.

@w4rner Some platforms may not support all the features, and it would seem that m.b. doesn't do so for custom slugs. I suspect that @manton and @aaronpk might be able to collaborate to have unsupported features not appear in the UI. Photo replies may be possible, they just need a way to properly upload the content to the endpoint and m.b. may not allow that yet.

@w4rner Micro.blog has Micropub functionality built in as part of its core service. This should allow you to use many (any?) of the Micropub clients out there including that IFTTT recipe I linked to to pull data in from pretty much any site that's got an RSS/Atom feed including Pocket.

To use something like Quill you'd input your domain name w4rner.micro.blog (and log into micro.blog if you're not already), do that IndieAuth dance I mentioned and which mb supports, and you're logged into the client. Then you can use it as an app to post notes, articles, and other things to your site. (Most apps will only let you post content types that your website supports, so while I may see "itineraries" as an option in Quill for my WordPress website, your micro.blog site may not (shouldn't) since that's not a feature that mb provides.)

@w4rner On the Webmention.app/IFTTT front, that description is a set up for services that don't send/receive webmentions themselves. Every time you publish something on micro.blog with a URL, micro.blog is sending webmentions out for you in the background automatically.

If you had a Tumblr website and wanted to send webmentions, then you might use that Webmention.app/IFTTT set up so that when you posted something on Tumblr, your RSS feed would update with the new post, IFTTT would check the update and trigger webmention.app to send a webmention from your post to any of the URLs that appeared in your post.

@w4rner As for webmentions, you shouldn't need a third party app for it since micro.blog is sending and receiving webmentions for you already. Now, if you're thinking about adding webmentions to some other service, like Tumblr or a blogging service that doesn't support them natively, then you might want to use something like webmention.io to receive them on your behalf.

@w4rner There's nothing to trust with IndieLogin.com. If I recall correctly it's just implemented IndieAuth, so it's going to take your URL as an input and doublecheck that you're actually logged into your own account before allowing you access to the service. It doesn't take or use your password in any way and you can revoke your login at any time. It's an extension that's built onto OAuth 2.0, so it's really no different than using something like your Twitter or Facebook account to log in, but in this case you're using and hosting the technology with your micro.blog site (or really micro.blog is doing it on your behalf.)

@w4rner I've used Pocket for ages and appreciate it's UI. I actually trust it a bit more now that Mozilla owns it. On the surveillance capitalism spectrum its at the lowest end in comparison to Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. All the data I put into it comes back to my own website using this general workflow: Using IFTTT to syndicate (PESOS) content from social services to WordPress using Micropub. If you're looking for something similar that's self-hostable, you might consider Wallabag.

@jeremycherfas There are only a few people I still actively use Hangouts with, and even most of them have moved to Slack or something else. I may keep a version on my phone for those who ping me there; at least I'll get the notifications. I ought to spend some time and look into some of the Hangouts alternatives though. Do you have any recommendations?

@paulopinto I know all too well how that goes. We've lost some family recently as well and my father-in-law is having a rough time for the past year. Hope things improve soon. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays. Know that we're thinking about you!

@w4rner My primary site is WordPress which uses both the Webmention and Semantic Linkbacks plugins. My secondary site runs WithKnown and has it built in automatically. I'm curious how you'd use Webmention with IFTTT? I've not heard of that approach before. Can you use it for both sending and receiving, perhaps with some other service like webmention.io? I know that Brid.gy offers some work-around methods to offer Webmention for platforms like Tumblr, WordPress.com, Blogger, and Medium which you might find useful too.

I note that @manton apparently clevely designed micro.blog URL permalinks so that the username in the URL doesn't seem to matter! So changing my username doesn't automatically kill all my prior permalinks to my content.

@chrisaldrich It looks like syndicating is working properly. Now to make sure Webmentions are propagating properly. Hopefully there isn't really much left to change or check?

@w4rner I'm meaning to fix that apsugen link and my WithKnown instance over the holidays. I've also been debating swapping my username out for something longer because I have the same issue with it. Thanks for stopping by and good to meet you here.

Maybe it's incumbent upon micro.blog to know that it's a reply and filter out my context (presuming it were marked up properly)?

@cdevroe I'm the same way. I prefer the magic way that m.b. intuits podcast posts (because it finds an audio tag) to post things into the podcast discovery feed instead of using a microphone🎙. Sadly that's a more difficult problem for other topics. I specifically mark up watch, listen, jam, and other posts, but that's another ball of wax that large swaths of people are less likely to necessarily support on their own sites. One day anthropologists will find microblog posts with these emoji and think we may have used these in our speech not knowing that they were being used to indicate something to a computer. 💬🖥️